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Where Music Meets Imagination for Ultimate Stress Relief

Feeling overwhelmed by school pressures, social pressures, or worries about the future?

Unsure where to start with so many stress relief options?

Look no further, you've come to the right place!

Imagination Gives You Wings Unseen.

Spread your wings wide, ​and reach the serene.

​​Soar high into the sky,

Leave behind what makes you sigh.​

Let go of all you wish to forget, ​

Rise above with no regret.​

Why stay down when you can fly,

With wings that take you to the sky?​

You have the power, though unaware, ​

To fly anywhere, free from care.

Take flight to the world of dreams, 

Where endless possibilities gleam.


What is Dreamscape?

At Dreamscape, we use guided music and visualization to help you relieve stress, anxiety, and pressure when you need it most. Our personalized approach, a science-based technique, is perfect for any busy student seeking effective stress relieving tools in a safe, supportive environment.

What You'll Gain..

Stress and Anxiety Relief

  • Experience deep relaxation with music and visualization.

  • Experience the tranquility of a clear, focused mind, free from the noise of daily stress.

Self-Help Tools

  • Have powerful tools at your fingertips to self-help your mind when you need them most.

    • Music specially-designed for mind relaxation

    • Imagination exercises tailored to students' needs

    • Mind reset tool

Emotional Well-Being

  • Feel happier, more at peace, and in control of your emotions through fostering imagination.

Improved Focus

  • Discover better focus with our music guided visualizations* 

*Based on students' feedback

How It Works

You'll learn how to use imagination to help yourself.




 Easy Steps to Follow 

Our program is designed to de-stress your mind through music guided imagination exercises.  

For more information, contact us.


Gain Essential Tools

You will be equipped with tools like music and imagination exercises, essential for mind reset, stress relief, and creative visualization.


Free Your Mind

Learn how to free your mind from reality and create a safe space within your mind with music and imagination. 


Foster Self-Awareness

Clarifying your goals or what you want starts from fostering self-understanding. Learn how to look into yourself and foster self-understanding with ancient teachings from Greek philosopher Plato. 


from College Workshops

Held in the spring, 2024

I could see myself happy and carefree.

" The exercises helped me feel better about my life. I could see myself happy, carefree, wild and free, becoming part of nature. It was like I was in a dream. This is my first time doing something like this, and with improvement, I believe I can see more exciting and happy scenarios." 

~1st year university student

More students need this to prevent burnout!

"I think if more students do these imagination exercises regularly, like imagining ourselves accomplishing things we want to do or like trying to understand what is important in our life, it can be beneficial to not feel burned out in the long term. We should spend more time doing this. So yeah, it was very useful for me. Thank you so much!"

I realized everything is in our head.

"I realized that everything is in our head. We can't control most of the external factors, but we can change how we think about it. It's almost like reframing the problems that we have and most of the time we're exaggerating our problems and our tasks because it seems like too much but at the end it always works out."

~1st year university student

A life-changing experience

"I loved it so much! It was really a life-changing experience. The sessions really helped me to think a lot of things, especially they helped me to believe more in myself and felt reassured that everything is possible.

I’m going to believe in myself, calm down, stay on track, and trust the flow."

~1st year university student

I can focus better now!

"The visualization exercises helped me focus on my homework better!"

~1st year university student

More about Dreamscape

Judgement-free environment

Our sessions focus on creating a safe, supportive, pressure-free, judgment-free environment. No need to talk about your personal struggles, as these are not therapy sessions.

Science-based Techniques
Philosophy-based teaching
Online live sessions
How long is the program?

Do I need to know meditation or mindfulness to participate?

How much is the program?

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