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Looking for a Corporate Meditation Session? Try our..

Corporate Imagination Sessions

Where Music Meets Imagination for Ultimate Stress Relief

Is your team feeling overwhelmed by work pressures and stress?  Are you looking for effective ways to enhance workplace well-being?  Our self-help tools provide personalized stress relief right when you need them most. We offer sessions tailored to your needs. 


Stress and Anxiety Relief

  • Experience deep relaxation with music and visualization.

  • Experience the tranquility of a clear, focused mind, free from the noise of daily stress.

Self-Help Tools

Have powerful tools at your fingertips to self-help your mind when you need them most.

  • Music specially-designed for mind relaxation

  • Imagination exercises tailored to your team's needs

  • Mind reset tool

Benefits participants have experienced :

"Stress release was amazing for me."

~ Sales rep @ Wellness company

"After the first session, I felt so refreshed that I was able to focus better and think more positively at work."

~ Business development manager @ Home design manufacturing

"The mind reset tool is my favorite. It calms my mind anytime I get overwhelmed."

~ Administrative manager @ NPO

"Ideas flourish naturally during imagination exercises, helping me come up with creative solutions."

~ Business engineer @ Tech industry


 How It Works 

Our program is designed to de-stress your mind through music guided imagination exercises.  

Contact us for more details.

1. Gain Essential Tools

Gain powerful self-help tools essential for mind reset, stress relief, and creative visualization.

2. De-Stress Your Mind

Experience deep relaxation as you learn how to free your mind from negativity with music and imagination exercises. Each visualization is about 3-5min long, so you can feasibly incorporate it into your busy schedule.

3. Anytime, Anywhere

Self-help yourself whenever you feel stressed, emotional, or exhausted. 

How It Works

You'll learn how to use imagination to help yourself.




Program Details

Virtual Sessions

(Each session is 60 min or 90 min long)

Recommended: a package of 3 weekly sessions for effectiveness


Session 1 : Introduction to the self-help tools & music-guided visualization 

Session 2 : Philosophy & Music-guided visualizations for stress relief

Session 3 : Science & Music-guided visualizations for stress relief

For further sessions, check the next course.


Group price available. Contact us.


  • Stigma-Free Environment: No need to disclose your personal details

  • Science-based approach: It combines visualization prompts with carefully curated music, providing a science-backed approach to managing stress and enhancing creativity.

  • Time Commitment: Once you learn, each imagination exercise is ~5min long, designed to integrate seamlessly into your busy schedules.

  • Philosophy: Inspired by Plato's philosophy. His ancient teachings facilitate self-reflection and fosters creativity.​

Imagination is your superpower

Imagination Gives You Wings Unseen.

Spread your wings wide, ​and reach the serene.

​​Soar high into the sky,

Leave behind what makes you sigh.​

Let go of all you wish to forget, ​

Rise above with no regret.​

Why stay down when you can fly,

With wings that take you to the sky?​

You have the power, though unaware, ​

To fly anywhere, free from care.

Take flight to the world of dreams, 

Where endless possibilities gleam.

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