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Feedback for each benefit


Calms your mind.

Self-care time for your mind. Create a space where you feel safe and relaxed within your mind.

(1) The practices helped me see myself as the "main character" in my life.

(2) I realized that by acknowledging my imperfect self, I can accept my true self. I thought it's important how we perceive our imperfections and how we can cultivate a sense of affirmation.

(3) Even when things get chaotic, I feel my calm self is present handling the situation calmly and objectively.

(4) I learned how to interpret words positively and sense the messages behind them.

(5) Every exercise is about myself, so I found them meaningful. 

(6) I enjoyed the practical exercises.

(7) I was surprised what I practiced became immediately useful in real life after the session. 

(8) The course was a gift to myself. It allowed me to take a break from busy life and give myself the self-care that was much needed.

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