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Feedback for each benefit


Creativity as a Competitive Advantage

Strengthens the ability to see things from objective and multiple perspectives and the ability to take advantage of opportunities.

(1) It provided me with "time to reevaluate" what the company expects from me.

(2) I was able to calmly think about the meaning of things I questioned at work.

(3) I realized how my disadvantages can become advantages at times. 

(4) I was able to think about how I want to interact with others to build long-term relationships. I felt that cosidering long-term solutions over temporary ones was important.

(5) I was able to put myself in the other person's shoes, which gave me an opportunity to reconsider what I can do to set boundaries with others.

(6) When reflecting on my accomplishments, I noticed that my approach to my goals played a crucial role in achieving them. This insight can be applied to my current goals.

(7) I now have a positive self-view and can think about how I can grow further.

(8) I realized that I may have been suffering due to my false beliefs. Taking a fresh perspective on my work helped me see my situation more positively. 

(9) The exercises helped me see the negatives from a new perspective, allowing me to interpret them more positively.

(10) I felt a renewed sense of gratitude for my work.

(11) I felt the strength to accept the current situation as it is and the actions I can take to handle its consequences. 

(12) By clearly recognizing what I can do, I reaffirmed the importance of teamwork. 

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