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Feedback for each benefit


Cleanses your stress.

Strengthens your stress relieving skills. Experience an easy and convenient way to refresh your mind.

"I enjoyed learning new things and experiencing the relaxation and images from the music exercises."

"Excellent class. Passed very quickly. Enjoyed it very much! Thank you!"

"I enjoyed all the cleansing. Stress release was amazing for me."

"I have taken many other coaching classes and therapies to solve my problems, but this course is very rare. This course teaches me what exactly I was looking for to fill in the gaps I needed to be successful. I highly recommend!"

More comments...

(1)  I felt lighter and more energized even after the very first session. I was able to return to work with a positive mindset.

(2)  I was able to practice refreshing my mind whenever I needed to with the various tools provided.

(3) The practice exercises were enjoyable. They allowed me to freely imagine the times, people, and places I want to revisit or visit.

(4) I became aware of my inner strength to confront my past failures.

(5) I’ve noticed that depending on how much space I have in my mind, my response changes. By realizing various facets of myself, I was able to clarify who I want to become.

(6) I was able to imagine myself trying to understand what the other person was saying. I could also picture myself acknowledging and respecting them.

(7) Instead of denying my manager’s views, I realized that a part of me was trying to accept them as much as possible. I felt that once I start accepting them, they would start accepting me.

(8) I became aware of how my mood and how I respond have a great impact on how others respond to me.

(9) This course can be a great training to foster mutual acceptance within the team.

(10)  Whenever I get distracted, I apply what I’ve learned in the course and it helps me stay focused!

(11)  Practicing for future stress was actually benecifical in real life.

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