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About Us

At Imagination Improvement Institute, we research ways to improve imagination.

2014:Became a certified senior trainer for Self care programs for the mind and body. 

2015:Started teaching the programs in California. 

2016:Stress continued to be a major health issue worldwide. Stress check at workplace became mandatory in Japan. 

2017:Companies and individuals used our program to take care of their stress.

2018:Gained the program rights. Translated the programs to English. Founded Open-Alpha, LLC.

Location:San Mateo, California

Founders:Chief Director: Yumi Tomita / Director: Shinichi H.

Clients who took the program include: food manufacturer, IT related company etc.

2019:Programs used by one of the consulting companies etc. 

2020:Developed "mental cleansing program."

2021:Programs taken by a manufacturing and sales company etc.

2022:Established "Imagination Improvement Institute" within the company.

Name: Imagination Improvement Institute

Chief Director: Yumi Tomita

Established on: December, 2022

Location: Within Open-Alpha, LLC

Purpose: Research how to improve imagination 

Implementation: Trainings are handled by Open Alpha, LLC.

​Team members

Yumi Tomita

Chief Director

Shinichi H.


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