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About Us

At the Imagination Improvement Institute, we believe imagination is the key to personal growth and well-being. Through unique and established methods that harness the power of imagination and help manage stress, we equip our clients with the tools and techniques they need to thrive.

Who We Serve:

Organizations, teens and adults.

Industries and Professions Served:

• Attorneys • CEOs & Executives • College students • Engineers • Food industry • Healthcare & Wellness professionals • Parents • Sales professionals • Video gaming companies

How It Started:

Our Imagination Improvement Program originated from a fundamental question:

"How can we strengthen our minds?"

This led to the development of a unique music imagination methodology inspired by Plato's philosophy.

Initially launched in Japan and now available in the U.S.,

we provide specialized training in imaginative techniques to enhance imagination.


2016:Stress continued to be a major health issue worldwide. Stress check at workplace became mandatory in Japan. 

2017:Companies and individuals used our program to take care of their stress.

2018:Gained the program rights. Translated the programs to English. Founded Open-Alpha, LLC.

Location:San Mateo, California

Founders:Chief Director: Yumi Tomita / Director: Shinichi Hasegawa

Clients served: food manufacturer, IT related company etc.

2019:Programs used by one of the consulting companies etc. 

2020:Developed "mental cleansing program."

2021:Programs taken by a manufacturing and sales company etc.

2022:Established "Imagination Improvement Institute" within the company.

Name: Imagination Improvement Institute

Chief Director: Yumi Tomita / Director: Shinichi Hasegawa

Established on: December, 2022

Location: Within Open-Alpha, LLC

Purpose: Research how to improve imagination 

Implementation: Trainings are handled by Open Alpha, LLC.

2023:Started holding workshops at universities including: Occidental College & Minerva University.

Meet the Founder:

Yumi Tomita -
Chief Director 
Certified Senior Trainer for Imagination Improvement
BA in Biochemistry @ Occidental College

Born in Japan, raised in Palo Alto, CA

With over 10 years of experience, I'm passionate about helping people of all ages tap into the power of imagination to relieve their stress and create a more fulfilling life.  This program, Imagination Improvement, rooted in a methodology developed in Japan, has profoundly impacted me and countless others.

A Turning Point and Transformation

At a turning point, my father introduced me to this methodology.

It had helped him navigate challenges as a company leader.

Amazingly, the same program helped me overcome social anxiety and visualize a clear path forward.

Bringing the Program to the US

Driven by its transformative potential, I became certified in the program's methodology in Japan in 2014. Collaborating with the program developers, I translated the materials for accessibility in the US and launched the program here in 2017. Since then, it has empowered individuals of all ages.

In a welcoming and engaging atmosphere, we empower individuals to

manage stress, visualize goals, and develop essential life skills for a more fulfilling life.

Ready to Unlock Your Potential? Contact us!

​Team members

Yumi Tomita

Chief Director

Shinichi Hasegawa


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